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JamBooth PhotoMosaic
Watch the Video Below for a Sneak Peak!
We're so glad you asked! JamBooth Photos' "Photo Mosaic" is a brand new way to WOW your guests and preserve the great memories you make at your event. As guests take pictures throughout the evening on your chosen JamBooth Photos photo booth (including other sources listed below), you will begin to see all the individual photos come together in real-time to create a breathtaking keepsake! You and your guests get to enjoy taking the pictures, while we use our fancy algorithm to find their perfect spot on the board. The end result is a beautiful and unique piece of art created by your guests for you to cherish for years to come. 
The Mosaic is PERFECT for large corporate events, where you could see your company logo come to life through individual photos. Talk about a brilliant bit of branding! It's also a gorgeous addition to any wedding. Choose the couples' favorite photo and watch as the faces of those attending your wedding come together to recreate it! Mosaic sizes can range from anywhere between 3'x3' to 8'x12' "walls" and more! The possibilities are endless! 
What is the JamBooth Photo Mosaic?
JamBooth Mosaic Packages
JamBooth Photos offers 3 Different Mosaic Options!
Check out the packages below to see what's right for you.
LIVE Mosaic
This version of the Mosaic is exactly what it sounds like. It's Live! During your event, your guests will have the opportunity take amazing pictures and print them out on high quality, photo labels. They will then be able to apply their pictures directly to the Mosaic Wall at your event. Each picture is given a specific location on the board, which coordinates with discreet numbers printed at the bottom of each label. This makes it a foolproof process and easy for your guests to add to the memories! Everyone will love adding to the wall and seeing the pieces come together to create something truly amazing.
Like the LIVE Mosaic, your guests will take photos throughout the night to add to your Mosaic. However, instead of a physical Mosaic Wall mounted at your event, you will receive a high resolution, digital version of the Mosaic. During the event, you will see your images appear on screen and find their perfect place in the overall end result. As entertaining to watch as it is to create, The LIVE DIGITAL Mosaic produces another amazing keepsake from your most important event! 
This version of the JamBooth Mosaic is unlike any other! The MOMENTS Mosaic is not done live at an event, but it allows you to choose any photos you would like and compile them into one gorgeous masterpiece. All you have to do is choose a few hundred (or more) of your fav photos, as well as the photo you'd like to be reflected in the end result, and we do the rest! The photos you choose can be from a wedding, a birthday, another milestone, or even just every day life. Once we receive them, we will create your Mosaic, print it on the medium of your choice, and also provide the high-resolution digital file as well. Since you don't actually have to be there as the Mosaic is created, The MOMENTS Mosaic makes an amazing gift!
Mosaic Sources
The JamBooth Photo Mosaic can pull from a variety of different photo sources to create your perfect Mosaic masterpiece.
Sources include:
    * Your choice of JamBooth Photos PhotoBooth(s) - The Mirror Me Booth or The Pearl Booth
    * Selfie Text - Your guests can send us their photos via text message!
    * Hashtag - Choose the perfect hashtag for your event so guests can tag their photos. 
    * Roaming Photographer - We can compile images from the event's photog(s) during the event.
    * Previous Album - You compile your favorite pics from your pre-existing albums.
Due to the incredibly customized nature of this product, please  contact us to discuss the many options and possible pricing for your Mosaic.
We can't wait to work with you!!!
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